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Creating a "hive mind"?

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Creating a "hive mind"?

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Interestingly. there was a trial into a decentralised 'smart energy' grid in Hawaii in 2011. In this video, Alison McDowell links the blockchain to cybernetic circuits and consciousness steering - "it's a whole other level beyond impact investing".

While many turn on their governments we must consider that that is all part of the plan. Maybe they want us to embrace the blockchain as after all, who controls the internet?!

Alison mentions that in Prague for instance, "There is a retrofitted factory building in Prague called Paralelní Polis, or “parallel world.”
The vast factory-turned-forum pulses with the collective energy of digital rights activists, privacy-obsessed cypherpunks, and crypto-faithful ideologues.
The space functions as a living example of how the world could look — a crucible for decentralized and defiant technologies designed to operate beyond the reach of governments, laws, and central banks".

https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/06/prague- ... llar-.html

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