21st Century crimes against humanity

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21st Century crimes against humanity

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"The main purpose of the Covid “plandemic” is to achieve “a controlled demolition of our political and economic system” to create a totally undemocratic, dystopian New World Order in which those at the top retain their power and wealth while the rest of humanity is reduced to serfdom. I fear the global establishment will intensify their tyranny because they are terrified that we, the vast majority, will rise up against them, the tiny minority.

I foresee the day when you will have to present your “fully-vaccinated” and unblemished “social credit” credentials to access essential services such as: the NHS (ref. the NHS Pass), public transport (as in fascist Canada), to operate your bank account (supporters of protesting Canadian truckers had their bank accounts frozen), to buy food in a supermarket, to fill up with petrol, …

They could enforce this by making it conditional on taking a pointless, life-shortening jab every 9 months as planned by fascist Canada, complying with lockdown regulations and quarantine tagging, installing a smart meter, limiting your travel, limiting your meat-eating, not attending any anti-government protests (face recognition is in use in fascist Australia), not posting any anti-government emails, …

Wake up, before it’s too late!!!

To end on a positive note, the establishment’s fraudulent “safe and effective” Covid vaccines narrative is falling apart as analysed by Dr Steve Kirsch who gives a long list of damning reasons why this is so. Will new health secretary Steve Barclay be the first to admit the truth?

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 12 July 2022"
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