Politicians partied through lockdown

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Politicians partied through lockdown

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'People are understandably furious about the discovery that the rule-makers were rule-breakers. They have vented their anger online, bitterly complaining when faced with the stark reality of a political class that evidently sees them as little more than subjects to be ruled.

While the exasperation and disappointment are perhaps justified, in following the approved mainstream media script, the general population are also ignoring the real issues. It seems many of us have collectively been bamboozled into arguing over minutiae while remaining blind to the magnitude of the crime that has actually been committed.

The Real Partygate Crimes
Their behaviour demonstrates that those who attended the Downing Street parties did not believe that there was a pandemic. Irrespective of their words, their actions revealed that they were not concerned either about transmitting or contracting any disease. For them, there was no pandemic risk; there was no pandemic.

In a real pandemic or epidemic, people are fearful—for good reason: there is a risk that social activities could prove to be lethal. That was not the case during the World Health Organisation's (WHO) alleged Covid-19 pandemic..'

https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/the-tr ... ly-ignores

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