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Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/ - very interesting, most articles and topic to current situation

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National Canada Citizens Inquiry https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/
UK Column: https://www.ukcolumn.org/live
Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/ - USA
Corona Investigative Committee: https://corona-ausschuss.de - Germany
Geopolitics and Empire: https://guadalajarageopolitics.com
Children's Health Defense: https://childrenshealthdefense.org

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Updated: 13.02.2024

Pandemic conclusion 2023

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Pandemic conclusion 2023

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It has been three years sice first lockdown was issued in March 2020. This years has been very hard and I have to admit, I never expected anything like that in my wildest dreams. Now is over and I would like to conclude, what I learned about this whole period of time. Also it helps me to sleep in night and move over to next episode in my life.

I will start with this article from Brownstone Institute called “Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns”. In this article there are 20 points about reality which was uncovered by pandemic. It’s hard but it’s real, every single point and every single conclusion.

That’s world where we are living now.

Second puzzle of what happened is this article which finally reports into what we all knew long time ago and that the virus has been manufactured in Wuhan with help from USA and possibly others. It was no coincidence, they were researching how to make this virus more deadly long time ago.

What really went on inside the Wuhan lab weeks before Covid erupted

I have read this article and they are missing some points there. To be clear, if there is accident, like deadly virus and you have collaborated on that with USA, you know what is going on and the whole propaganda and censorship about what is true origin of virus is your tool to use this virus to your purposes. Why would you then didn't let people know? You could save their lives - if damn breaks, you evacuate everyone and let alarms go up. They didn't do that and they knew long time before.

It was not accident and if it was, they promptly used it for their purposes. I need to also mention pandemic exercise held in New York in Autumn 2019 - Event 201. Other pieces are also very strange. In that same time Angela Merkel visited Wuhan - isn't it strange? Similar to prof. Drosden, who was related to Wuhan Virology institute. The same professor who made the PCR test and as we learned recently, BioNTech company is also in German hands. It’s still just coincidence?

I don't think so, they knew and they actively planned for that.

To get into next point - what they exercised in Event 201 they afterwards used. Specially propaganda, censorship, misinformation campaign and psychological warfare on their own population. This is very well described by Dr. Robert Mallone in his presentation Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty. Yes, it was and still is war and not many people noticed, many people were used as agents and were bribed to spread this or to help with the war effort.

The idiots will still argue about some-nonsense like virus was from nature, government mean it good with you, it’s for you protection and other common phrases they put into their brain. No, the facts are that people were killed by this measures, lockdowns and vaccines. Nobody tried to save anybody health, they wanted to kill you, cripple you and destroy you.

If you are idiot, liberal or stupid person in media or propaganda, you will keep telling your self it’s lie but it takes costs on you. That’s decline in your thinking. You're getting stupid and dumb. It’s documented here: Disturbing Rise in Cognitive Problems in 2023

Corruption and listening to stupid people takes toll on you. Remember that!

If you want to live, stick to truth and don't fall for this stupid society tools of bribing and lying to people. Tell them truth!

Do the idiots now get it? When they cripple them selfs and get robbed of money, life and everything?

Yes, they are starting to recognize that, so there is no silence. You should not talk about that, because you will offend the idiots. - Pandemic Impressions I: The Lie of Aufarbeitung and The Great Silence

There is not much more to be said about this history of corruption, crimes and destruction of society. When governments turns against their own people, something is seriously wrong.

But how did we get there?

Easily, we did there by corruption which started since 2009 by big financial crash. Since they everything they did with economy was political decisions - not related to skills or inteligence. To keep growing, they pump free money into economy and fuel this idiocy and biggest idiots got promoted. Then some social media where any idiot can be promoted to best expert. It dumbed down people and they let it go, because they were to scared of their pensions. It wasn't outside influence - maybe some of it, but it was our people, who did this things out of jealousy, rage and stupidity.

The people are now more dumb, stupid, narcisst, incompetent but they have nice pictures on instagram and fuck everyone and everybody even when it’s same gender or transplanted men or girl into different gender. I can not describe, how sick this is and feel vomiting feeling, just writing about that. It’s moral decay and those people will end up badly. Like in Rome or in old stories. Their mind is already so broken, it can not be fixed.

I feel sad, that we have to live next to them and still call them our society. Those people should be put into long penance and their faith in moral and society needs to be restored.

Enough of that. It’s not my society and I am responsible only for my own surrounding and actions. I don't take any responsibility for other actions and way of behaving if they are not in my sight. My moral ground is strong and I feel truly sick, just to thinking about that.

And yes, it’s the WOKE and LGBT and other gender related things.

It’s called war against Europe and moral values.

To end on positive note - kind of there is list of most common questions about current situation for quick decision making.

Most common questions:

Was the virus deadly? No, it wasn't.

Was the vaccine deadly? Yes, it was.

Was the lockdown deadly? Yes, it was.

Was the virus lab-made? Yes, it was.

Did the people lied purposely to you? Yes, they did.

Did they tried to kill you? Yes, they did.

Was this a crime? Yes, it was.

Full article is here: https://pooky.substack.com/p/pandemic-conclusion-2023
Substack: https://pooky.substack.com/
Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/
UKColumn: https://www.ukcolumn.org/

"Smile, it helps some time =)"
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