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A CAUTIONARY TALE: Why did I ever think that, acting alone, and by a crude act of vandalism, I could halt the Vaccination Programme?

I am in prison at HMP Berwyn serving a 21 month sentence for Criminal Damage because I smashed windows at Vaccination Centres in North Wales in December 2021. On both occasions, after doing the damage, I waited around to be arrested. I was hoping for a Crown Court trial in which I could present evidence of harms being caused by the vaccines and persuade a jury to find me 'Not Guilty'. I got my jury trial but unfortunately did not persuade enough members of the jury so I was found 'Guilty'.

You may wonder what on earth possessed me to imagine that a lone individual like myself could force the authorities to halt a programme in which £tens of billions had been invested just by smashing a few windows? Let me explain.

The idea first occurred to me a month or so before I found myself putting it into practice. Like many readers of "The Lightpaper", I was felling frustrated that the Vaccination Programme was continuing to inject its poisons into millions of UK citizens and we were all seemingly powerless to stop it.

But then a thought sprang to mind. I thought of people trapped in a burning building. If somebody broke down a door in order to free them and save their lives then afterwards nobody would be concerned about the damage done to the door. Surely the same logic applied to stopping the V.P.? If by damaging property the lives of thousands of people could be saved then the damage done should be of no concern at all. Was there a recognition in law that under some circumstances damaging property was legal? I thought that there must be. A plan quickly formed in my mind.

If I caused damage at a Vaccination Centre in the middle of the night when nobody was about, then nobody would be harmed. I would wait around afterwards to be arrested and demand a Crown Court trial. If all the evidence of vaccine harms was presented to them then surely they could not condemn me?

If I was found ‘Not Guilty’, then that would establish the legality of vandalising Vaccination Centres. Surely, faced with that, the authorities would have to suspend the V.P.?
I put the plan to the back of my mind and carried on with my other campaigning. I intended to research the idea, collect the evidence, research the law, find solicitors who might be supportive, decide who would make good expert witnesses, etc.

Somehow, over the next few weeks, that research and preparation never got done. Then one night I had a blazing row with my father and walked out of the house. I was going to be homeless. I would not be able to carry on with my campaigning. I decided I was not going to go down without a fight.

I had been brought to this desperate point by my uncompromising resistance to the covid totalitarianism. I had lost my job, my home, my wife. I had ended up seeking sanctuary in my father's home and now, even there, I had outstayed my welcome. I was determined to strike a blow against the tyrants. I decided to put my plan into action even though it was not properly prepared.

I summoned up the nerve to do the deed. I was arrested. I spent a night in police cell and was released. What had changed? Nothing. The V.P. was carrying on. I was serious in wanting to stop it. I carried on. I broke windows at another Vaccination Centre the following night. I was arrested again. This time I was not given bail. I was put in prison. But I got a Crown Court trial in front of a jury in June 2022.

Obviously, I was badly prepared. Isolated in prison I could do nothing to improve the situation. I did not have helpful lawyers. Without the internet I couldn't do any research myself. The solicitors wouldn't. My family wouldn't help. They wouldn't even contact my potential supporters for me. I dismissed the barrister I had been allocated as he was not going to present the case that I wanted him to. At the trial the judge interrupted me while I was presenting my evidence and I was not allowed to tell the jury everything I wanted them to hear.

Considering how badly prepared I was and all the obstacles that were put in my way, you might consider it amazing that the jury didn't find me ‘Guilty’ straight away. But somehow they must have been torn. It took them over 3.5 hours to make a decision. And even then, it was only by a majority, with 2 of the jurors disagreeing that I was ‘Guilty’...

Actually, I had been right about the law providing for circumstances when it is excusable to damage property, and at my trial that was the defence I used. Judge Rhys Rowlands, in his summing up to the jury explained it like this: "The law does recognise that in extreme circumstances a defence of necessity, termed duress of circumstances, exists to excuse behaviour which would otherwise be unlawful. In other words...to provide a lawful excuse for damaging property..."
I argued that because the vaccines were causing death and injury, It was necessary to obstruct the V.P. including by damaging property.
The Judge explained that there were two criteria to be met: "Firstly, that the defendant felt compelled to act as he did as a result of his reasonable belief that otherwise death or serious physical injury would be caused to others..."

This is why the evidence of Vax harms was relevant to the case. I did not have the yellow card stats available to me to prove my point, but I did point out that more moderate ways of trying to stop the V.P. were being thwarted by false propaganda and censorship. If I had had the yellow card stats I could have also proved the urgency of the need to stop the V.P. I could have shown, for instance the number of deaths and adverse reactions that had occurred since I had acted and told the jury that every day that the V.P. was allowed to continue, more deaths and injuries occur because of it.

The second criteria is that "...a sober person of reasonable firmness and beliefs would have responded to the situation by acting as the defendant did..." .This is a more difficult criteria to meet. A lot of people were fooled by the propaganda lies and believed in the V.P. so they would not have acted as I did. But even among those who know of the terrible suffering that is being caused by the V.P. not many would even consider acting as I did. This is because most people have responsibilities. They can't just abandon their families and risk everything for a noble cause. They have to hold down their jobs and provide for others. They can't afford to risk jail and a criminal record.
However, my own situation was different. I had already lost my place in society. And I had no dependents so I was free to act for the protection of others...

And so I did exactly that. And because I did it with a clear purpose and in a sober and reasonable state of mind, I believe my action was lawful. But I did not mention my personal circumstances during the trial. Perhaps this was a mistake. Perhaps some of the jurors were unable to empathise with me and just regarded me as reckless and irresponsible.
However, I did tell the jury that I acted out of conscience and was not ashamed of what I did. In fact I was proud that I had had the courage to act upon my convictions.

I am not trying to encourage others to start a campaign of vandalism. If I could win my case and establish the legal principle there would be no need. I do not want to incite anyone to break the law. If I did not believe that what I did was, despite appearances, entirely lawful, I would not have done it.

This is a cautionary tale and I would warn anyone who might think of emulating what I did. Even though you act out of conscience, you will probably be sent to prison. You might not obtain a jury trial, and even if you did, you may still be found ‘Guilty’.
In the end your action might achieve nothing but your own suffering and condemnation from others.

Nevertheless, I have not given up hope that some good will come from my case. Although I have lost the appeal I lodged within the time limit after the trial (based on the judge misdirecting the jury), I am still able to appeal again through the Criminal Cases Review Commission based on new evidence. (And there is new evidence appearing all the time).

I would like anyone out there who thinks they can help me or knows someone who might be able to, to get in touch. I need expert witnesses to verify the truth of the harms the vaccines are causing. They may be scientists, doctors, health administrators, or statisticians. I need legal help, representation or just advice. Please help me if you can or just spread the word about my situation. Thankyou.

LL13 9QE.

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