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Digital wallets

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Digital wallets

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'The European Union Digital Identity (EUDI) Regulation entered into force on Monday meaning that Member States will be required to offer at least one EUDI Wallet to their citizens and residents by 2026.

The EUDI Regulation builds on the eEIDAS (Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market) by addressing its shortcomings. EU policymakers designed the new rulebook to improve the effectiveness of the EUDI Wallet scheme by making it mandatory in EU countries and including the private sector.

The mobile app wallet will allow users to identify themselves to public and private services and store, share and sign digital documents. The regulation mandates Member States to offer citizens and businesses digital wallets. Public authorities or private entities may issue the wallets and users will be able to link with national digital identities as well as store personal attributes such as driving licenses, diplomas and bank accounts.

Europe’s task is to achieve widespread acceptance of digital identities throughout the EU by harmonizing regulation and coming up with a common technical architecture, reference framework and standards.

The digital wallets also aim to give Europeans more control over their data.

“By providing a transparent and secure framework, this innovative solution ensures that our personal data remains safeguarded as we navigate the digital world,” European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton says in a statement.

To test the EUDI Wallet in real life, the European Commission has invested 46 million euros (US$49.8 million) into four Large Scale Pilots, which kicked off last year in April. This month, the EU announced grants for more Large Scale pilots, securing 20 million euros ($21.5 million) in funding.

Both Belgium and Italy have launched national digital wallets this month'.
https://www.biometricupdate.com/202405/ ... kes-effect
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