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"In the coming century, humanity will experience A Great Simplification:

"There will always be energy on Earth as long as the Sun burns, but the amount of surplus energy available to us will soon be diminishing. As the extraction of geologically stored energy becomes more difficult, everything we’re used to in society will become more costly or less available. We are not planning for this because it’s never happened before.

The onset of the Great Simplification will be financial and economic turbulence, followed by contraction. When we can no longer grow fast enough to maintain all the increased financial claims, economies will recede to a scale that can again be supported by physical flows without debt. Complex global supply chains, the related high consumption lifestyles and many of the conveniences and freedoms we take for granted in this era of abundant energy surplus will diminish.

The ensuing simplification will be among the most significant events ever experienced by our species. Those who look through a systems lens can serve as early visionaries of a simpler life with new ways of relating to technology, to consumption, to each other and to Earth's ecosystems".

"Our system - and the components, processes and interactions that comprise it - is incredibly complex. On this podcast we will try to ‘simplify’ the ‘great’ issues of our time to expand the number of people making sense of our reality".
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