Let's summarize, what we know so far

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Let's summarize, what we know so far

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With today's post, I would like to recap everything we have learned over the past two years, when the so-called "inventory" of the society started, as Robin Čumpelík correctly puts it on his channel Inovace Republiky.

Let's take it step by step.

Point #1

Everything that has happened since 2020 has been one huge manipulation and lie. The whole COVID thing, all their talk about street freezers, pile of corpses, necessary lockdown, deadly virus, vaccinations was just psychological manipulation of society. Let's call it secret operation like with CIA or in James Bond novel - Tomorrow Never Dies.

This is clear to everyone today, and there is no dispute about it. There is an abundance of testimony, evidence and even personal experience. It was a controlled coup, bribing a large part of society and taking power by overthrowing law.

Point #2

These things don't happen by themselves. Their primary driving force were intellectual society, the media, information technology, big corporations, big tech and also liberal and socially oriented groups. The year 2020 coup itself was caused by the fight between Democrats and Republicans in America. This was a direct result of the election of Donald Trump. We already know what happened after the election of Donald Trump, the truth, science or any fact stopped being taken into account and everything was allowed to remove a bad leader who must be destroyed. To my surprise, it was not Trump and the Republicans, but it is the Democrats who seized power with the help of totalitarian elements of corporations they owned.

Point #3

Cryptocurrencies, speculation and money printing. Since the rise of Donald Trump and also since the financial crisis of 2009, the financial system began to be in crisis. This crisis was caused by speculation and excessive financialization. Governments' response to these problems was to lower interest rates and flood society with cheap money. But this resulted in a huge number of bubbles, concentration of property to already rich owners, overvaluation of real estate, indebtedness and a huge decline in quality at the expense of the general population. The results we see till today and we will see them even more in future.

Point #4

All the points above are only the result of politics, where the older age group of voters are favored at the expense of the younger or normal function, the minority at the expense of the majority, and vice versa, techniques are used to systematically combat them and to dismantle any relationship by constantly push this groups to fight between them. This can be seen, for example, in the gender politics, valuation of real estate, foreclosures, the opening of debt for all and the setting of rules always primarily for the redistribution of money from the poor to the already rich and primarily to the elderly population. This element is perhaps the most important. The very madness of climate change, NGOs, transgender and others are only shadow distractions because society is not allowed to discuss that it is being marginalized, and it is because of bad redistribution. These are sophisticated techniques to disrupt society and leave the elite alone so that the majority cannot attack or harm them.

Point No. 5

Most of the society does not want to deal with these problems or see them. With the development of the Internet, smartphones and other communication channels, it has become the case that society has to have fun and forget about problems. This is the so-called titty-tainment. So about distraction with sex and cheap entertainment. It has been already described, and we saw it now, last two years really everywhere.

So that I don't drag it out too much, everyone probably already knows what this is about. It is a system that was set up to concentrate wealth, and now we see efforts to use this system to preserve and take over power in the form of a dictatorship of the oligarchs or the richest class. It was their only chance, because some people starting to waking up and turning political and power structure to stop this. Due to this, it was necessary to use media censorship and other tools known from the communist era to silence any opposition and hold power at all costs.

So how to defend against it?

Firstly, it is necessary to start naming these things. I already tried to do this two years ago in my post entitled "What is really happening to the world?" and it still holds true. In it, I described these four things that I think are happening.
  • The welfare state is falling apart
  • The sustainability of capitalism is questioned and we see the consequences of globalization
  • An overconfidence in information technology and wannabe scientific procedures
  • Financial and economic crisis
I also tried to outline the solutions that need to be taken in order to get somewhere. It was these four things:
  • To restore associations, associations and family relationships - people must start meeting
  • To restore one's own responsibility for life - we are the state, but our life is not controlled by the state
  • Sport, culture and sustainability - something needs to be done, information technology will not do everything for us and we have to think about the future
  • To discuss, to solve problems - at the moment there is no theory according to which we can continue and we can either wait for the USA or the Western world to come up with one or start debating ourselves which economic theory would be the most suitable for us and our surroundings.
And that is probably still true. Among these points, I would also add one rule, and that is the unplugging of the media and the Internet. It is necessary to start deleting these scumbags from the web and stop supporting media that are bought either from abroad or by our political elite.

That's why I'm very happy that a group of people has appeared who see it the same way and started talking about these things loudly. Thank you very much for them, and above all, there is a need to support them more, by means of contributions to the bank account or by sharing and lending a hand to the work.
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