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The Indoctrinated Brain by Dr. Michael Nehls

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The Indoctrinated Brain by Dr. Michael Nehls

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Finally book which openly described how they planned and executed the COVID operation.

I have been amazed to get into hand book called “The Indoctrinated Brain” by Dr. Michael Nehls. I am not sure, if it´s accident but not many people specially in USA are able even till now admit, that they planned, prepared, manufactured and authorize the COVID military operation under Trump Administration.

It might be self-defense mechanism, because it means that the USA which now rules the world is on best way to dystopia New World Order. Also the conspiracy theories are truly correct and it´s kind of frightening.

Never the mind, the USA is now controlled by I don´t know who and they trying to impose the Great Reset / New World Order via the military means. They started the Ukraine → Russia War, authorize the Covid Operation which was developed by DARPA - USA Military and then they use psychological manipulation to inject toxins and poison the population to be more “submissive” to the new global order lead by WHO and other so called Global Institutions.

I always wondered, how would biological attack look but evidently in Europe and USA, if you release some deadly virus in USA and bribe few people to kill rest, the USA political class will award you with respect and money. It´s so simple.

Similar they planned this idiotic Reset for long time - since 2000 or Internet invention (end of cold war) and they want to “debilize” people and impose the new Global Government.

I was sensing something like that but I coudn’t believe to have so many people around not notice or publicly repeating the idiotic phrases. Well, we truly live in world full of zombies and it´s time to accept it. Throw the system away, pacific the traitors and impose some productive system. Also kick out the USA / West Globalist idiots where they belong - cross the borders back to America.

It´s amazing book and incredibly well summarize the whole COVID operation.


Accessible here to buy:
https://www.skyhorsepublishing.com/9781 ... ted-brain/

Or Library Genesis (online): The Indoctrinated Brain
Substack: https://pooky.substack.com/
Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/
UKColumn: https://www.ukcolumn.org/

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