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Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/ - very interesting, most articles and topic to current situation

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Main alternative resources:

National Canada Citizens Inquiry https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/
UK Column: https://www.ukcolumn.org/live
Brownstone Institute: https://brownstone.org/ - USA
Corona Investigative Committee: https://corona-ausschuss.de - Germany
Geopolitics and Empire: https://guadalajarageopolitics.com
Children's Health Defense: https://childrenshealthdefense.org

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Updated: 13.02.2024

About us

This forum was created by Alison and Martin at July 2021 as reaction to covid situation in world.


I am a 60-year-old British woman. I am Missy Average but I am not entirely blinkered to what has happened to my once proud country over the last 30 years or so eg increasing privatisation.
The interests of big corporations have been put before the people whether it is in house building, pensions or prisons. The NHS was proudly paraded before the world in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. That was like an invitation to 'come and get it' and it is now being sold off under the shroud of a man-made pandemic that is designed to suit big business and totalitarian style governments. What a combination! I can see that this virus is being used here, there and everywhere to grab assets and control. The State over-reaction is deliberate.
I know that people across the world don't want to lose their cultures or freedoms. I hope that Martin and myself can give you a forum to come together. Knowledge is power!


I love to hear good stories and I think, we should all share them. That’s also reason, why I after my trip to Italy get in touch with one lady from UK and we talk about her story, which was incredibly similar to mine. What a coincidence. How so, we didn’t hear about it before? After this, we decided it would be nice to have place to discuss this – like not on facebook, twitter or other social platforms and without any big eye influence, just like in old times – our normal place, where we can do, what we want and discuss with normal people.

This lead to new forum called my-covid-story.com

It’s very simple, non-commercial and just for good feeling, to share information with others.

Let me by this invite you join. If you have some story or if you are just interested to discuss or read stories of others you are welcomed. Share your story!

Also write us at my-covid-story@protonmail.com

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