Who cares about the Carers?

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Who cares about the Carers?

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I wanted to ask for your help with something I hope we can really make a difference on.

There are millions of older people, disabled people and carers who are desperate for better care, but they're being ignored by the Government who, despite raising taxes, have delayed any real changes or funding for care until 2023. It's simply not good enough. That's why I've just signed Carers UK's petition calling on the Chancellor to fund care immediately in his Spending Review on October 27th. Please will you do the same?

It's very easy to do, just click the following link to sign the petition: https://action.carersuk.org/page/91021/ ... g.id=share

Thank you so much.

HEALTH Minister Sajid Javid has blasted care home workers who have objections to receiving a Covid jab under the mandatory vaccination scheme. Carers working in Care homes need to be fully vaccinated by 11th November 2021 or as Sajid Javid puts it "Get the jab or get another job".

I wonder where that puts me as the only unpaid carer for my partner at home who is fully vaccinated, but not me, having refused it. Will he carry me out of the house once he's dealt with the carers. Let him try.
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